The key is to find the person that will match your learning needs. Take the time to interview anyone you are considering to hire.

• Knowledge of the subject: Credentials necessarily do not always tell the whole story. Someone who may be completely knowledgeable may not be the best at conveying the basic concepts. Certainly make sure the tutor is knowledgeable in the field they are about to teach.

• Ability to build rapport: Consider the qualities that the tutor should possess in order to create an effective partnership. Will the student respond to the tutor do not confuse this with will the student like the tutor? There is a difference between the two. Some students respond to humor and others to a firm hand and clear boundaries. This is where the tutor’s personality comes in.

• Versatile & Flexible: The benefit of one and one tutoring is that the lessons can be tailored to the students. The ability to teach the concepts in different ways. A good tutor should be able to change the lesson part way if the concept is not getting through the student. The ability to tap into a new style of teaching so that the student understands the concepts.

• Value of time: You want to find a tutor who is generous with their time but not overly so. You should expect your tutor to be ready to work at the start of the hour. If you are paying for an hour session you should receive an hour of training. You should not expect your tutor to stay longer than scheduled as they may have other appointments after yours. They should on the other hand be willing to arrange a time to discuss any updates or concerns you may have.

• Good communication: Something’s to keep in mind when seeking a professional tutor. Will the tutor tell you what you want to hear or will be they candid about your progress? Will they be thorough when responding to you? Will they be easily available to reach via phone, email or other forms of communication.

It may take a little trial and error but you’ll know when you’ve found the right one. Don’t be afraid to try a different tutor until you find the right fit it may take a few sessions.

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