What is LearnHub.ca?

LearnHub.ca is Canada’s leading online marketplace for all private lessons and classes. It is a platform for instructors to manage their private lessons business, and for students to find the best classes for them.

How much does it cost?

We are happy to say that LearnHub.ca is free for everyone! Instructors can post as many classes as they want entirely for free and students can use the service to search for classes without having to pay a dime. This is a service to help independent lesson providers attract more students, and to help students find the right instructors.

However, LearnHub.ca does withhold a percentage of the cost of any class booked through the platform. This is to cover our cost of doing business and bringing more students to our platform. There are also some advanced membership and advertising options available for instructors if they would like to make their classes stand out. Contact us here to find out more.

What does Verified Instructor mean?

When an instructor has a green “Verified Instructor” badge beside their profile image it means that we have verified their identity. This is our way to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. We recommend using “Verified Instructors” whenever possible.

How do Instructors get paid?

When a student registers for one of your lessons on the LearnHub.ca platform the funds are kept in our escrow account. At the end of each month we release the funds to be transferred into your Paypal account (minus the amount withheld by LearnHub.ca).

Can I contact the instructor before I register?

Of course you can. You have the ability to message back and forth with the instructor through LearnHub.ca to get any questions answered and make sure that the class is the right fit for you before you register.

How do I keep track of the students that have registered for my class?

Once a student registers for one of your classes, their information will appear in your personalized calendar. You can use this calendar to manage your entire business and keep yourself organized. You can also send announcements and personal messages to everyone registered in one of your classes.

Where can I see your privacy policy?

We put a very strong emphasis on your privacy as well as the privacy of your students. You can read our full privacy policy here.


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